Richard Crandell
Samples from Mbira Magic:
Steelhead [928k VBR Mp3| Mono | 1:13]
Double dose [845k VBR Mp3 | Mono | 1:15]
Bells [819k VBR Mp3| Mono | 1:10]
Eleven [11MB 128 kbps Mp3| Stereo | 11:47]

Live at the High Sierra Music Festival 2005
With Skerick and Synchopated Taint Septet
[2.3MB VBR Mp3| Mono | 3:11]

Mbira Magic featured on Austrailian Radio National's "The Planet"
A sample from the show
[829k 96kbps Mp3 | Mono | 1:10]
Playlist and show summary from Radio National


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